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Structural Mapping of Disordered Materials by Nanobeam Diffraction Imaging and Multivariate Statistical Analysis

  • Ping Lu (a1) and Bryan D. Gauntt (a1)


A hybrid nanobeam diffraction/imaging method, which combines well-developed diffraction imaging with nanobeam diffraction (NBD) pattern analysis, is described for structural mapping of disordered materials. Spatially resolved crystallographic information is obtained by NBD imaging by collecting NBD patterns at predefined intervals within a field of interest. The resulting dataset of NBD patterns is preprocessed to produce a spectral-imaging-like dataset and is further analyzed via multivariate statistical analysis methods in order to extract the relevant structural components and their distribution within the area of the sample under study without prior knowledge. Additional radial distribution function analysis of either the principal components or averaged data provides real-space maps of short-range order within the field of interest. This technique is demonstrated for two systems, one with multiple amorphous phases and one with multiple phases (amorphous and nanocrystalline) with similar chemistry.


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Structural Mapping of Disordered Materials by Nanobeam Diffraction Imaging and Multivariate Statistical Analysis

  • Ping Lu (a1) and Bryan D. Gauntt (a1)


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