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A Second Amorphous Layer Underneath Surface Oxide

  • Bin Zhang (a1), Kunlin Peng (a2), Xuechao Sha (a1), Ang Li (a1), Xiaoyuan Zhou (a2), Yanhui Chen (a1), QingSong Deng (a1), Dingfeng Yang (a1) (a2), Evan Ma (a3) and Xiaodong Han (a1)...


Formation of a nanometer-scale oxide surface layer is common when a material is exposed to oxygen-containing environment. Employing aberration-corrected analytical transmission electron microscopy and using single crystal SnSe as an example, we show that for an alloy, a second thin amorphous layer can appear underneath the outmost oxide layer. This inner amorphous layer is not oxide based, but instead originates from solid-state amorphization of the base alloy when its free energy rises to above that of the metastable amorphous state; which is a result of the composition shift due to the preferential depletion of the oxidizing species, in our case, the outgoing Sn reacting with the oxygen atmosphere.


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