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The Relationship Between Magnetism and Microstructure of Ethylene Pyrolysis Furnace Tubes after a Long-term Service

  • Jingfeng Guo (a1), Tieshan Cao (a1), Congqian Cheng (a1), Xianming Meng (a2) and Jie Zhao (a1)...


The magnetism and microstructure of Cr25Ni35Nb and Cr35Ni45Nb alloy tubes after 5 years of service were investigated in this paper. The saturation magnetization of the Cr25Ni35Nb alloy tube in the thickness direction is more than 20 emu/g, and the tube becomes ferromagnetic. The inner and outer walls of Cr35Ni45Nb alloy tubes also become ferromagnetic. But the saturation magnetization of the Cr35Ni45Nb alloy tubes approaches to zero in the center zone. The primary carbides M7C3 and NbC are changed into M23C6 and G phase at the outer region of the furnace tube. However, the M23C6-type carbides were replaced by carbon-rich carbides M7C3 at the carburization zone. Cr-depleted zones are formed at the inner and outer walls of the furnace tubes owing to oxidation. Carburization and oxidation reduce the Cr content of the matrix. Accordingly, the saturation magnetization is very high at the carburization zone and Cr-depleted zone. The magnetism of Cr25Ni35Nb and Cr35Ni45Nb alloy tubes has a high correlation with the Cr content of the matrix. Carburization and oxidation are the main reasons that make the paramagnetic ethylene pyrolysis furnace tube change to ferromagnetic.


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The Relationship Between Magnetism and Microstructure of Ethylene Pyrolysis Furnace Tubes after a Long-term Service

  • Jingfeng Guo (a1), Tieshan Cao (a1), Congqian Cheng (a1), Xianming Meng (a2) and Jie Zhao (a1)...


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