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Refractive Index Imaging of Cells with Variable-Angle Near-Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Microscopy

  • Kevin P. Bohannon (a1), Ronald W. Holz (a1) and Daniel Axelrod (a2)


The refractive index in the interior of single cells affects the evanescent field depth in quantitative studies using total internal reflection (TIR) fluorescence, but often that index is not well known. We here present method to measure and spatially map the absolute index of refraction in a microscopic sample, by imaging a collimated light beam reflected from the substrate/buffer/cell interference at variable angles of incidence. Above the TIR critical angle (which is a strong function of refractive index), the reflection is 100%, but in the immediate sub-critical angle zone, the reflection intensity is a very strong ascending function of incidence angle. By analyzing the angular position of that edge at each location in the field of view, the local refractive index can be estimated. In addition, by analyzing the steepness of the edge, the distance-to-substrate can be determined. We apply the technique to liquid calibration samples, silica beads, cultured Chinese hamster ovary cells, and primary culture chromaffin cells. The optical technique suffers from decremented lateral resolution, scattering, and interference artifacts. However, it still provides reasonable results for both refractive index (~1.38) and for distance-to-substrate (~150 nm) for the cells, as well as a lateral resolution to about 1 µm.

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      Refractive Index Imaging of Cells with Variable-Angle Near-Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Microscopy
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      Refractive Index Imaging of Cells with Variable-Angle Near-Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Microscopy
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      Refractive Index Imaging of Cells with Variable-Angle Near-Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Microscopy
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Corresponding author

* Corresponding author.


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