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Quantitative Studies of Endothelial Cell Fibronectin and Filamentous Actin (F-Actin) Coalignment in Response to Shear Stress

  • Xianghui Gong (a1), Xixi Zhao (a1), Bin Li (a1), Yan Sun (a1), Meili Liu (a1), Yan Huang (a1), Xiaoling Jia (a1), Jing Ji (a1) and Yubo Fan (a1) (a2)...


Both fibronectin (FN) and filamentous actin (F-actin) fibers play a critical role for endothelial cells (ECs) in responding to shear stress and modulating cell alignment and functions. FN is dynamically coupled to the F-actin cytoskeleton via focal adhesions. However, it is unclear how ECs cooperatively remodel their subcellular FN matrix and intracellular F-actin cytoskeleton in response to shear stress. Current studies are hampered by the lack of a reliable and sensitive quantification method of FN orientation. In this study, we developed a MATLAB-based feature enhancement method to quantify FN and F-actin orientation. The role of F-actin in FN remodeling was also studied by treating ECs with cytochalasin D. We have demonstrated that FN and F-actin codistributed and coaligned parallel to the flow direction, and that F-actin alignment played an essential role in regulating FN alignment in response to shear stress. Our findings offer insight into how ECs cooperatively remodel their subcellular ECM and intracellular F-actin cytoskeleton in response to mechanical stimuli, and are valuable for vascular tissue engineering.


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Xianghui Gong and Xixi Zhao contributed equally to this work.



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