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Quantitative Chemical Mapping of InGaN Quantum Wells from Calibrated High-Angle Annular Dark Field Micrographs

  • Daniel Carvalho (a1) (a2), Francisco M. Morales (a1) (a2), Teresa Ben (a1) (a2), Rafael García (a1) (a2), Andrés Redondo-Cubero (a3) (a4), Eduardo Alves (a3), Katharina Lorenz (a3), Paul R. Edwards (a5), Kevin P. O’Donnell (a5) and Christian Wetzel (a6)...


We present a simple and robust method to acquire quantitative maps of compositional fluctuations in nanostructures from low magnification high-angle annular dark field (HAADF) micrographs calibrated by energy-dispersive X-ray (EDX) spectroscopy in scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) mode. We show that a nonuniform background in HAADF-STEM micrographs can be eliminated, to a first approximation, by use of a suitable analytic function. The uncertainty in probe position when collecting an EDX spectrum renders the calibration of HAADF-STEM micrographs indirect, and a statistical approach has been developed to determine the position with confidence. Our analysis procedure, presented in a flowchart to facilitate the successful implementation of the method by users, was applied to discontinuous InGaN/GaN quantum wells in order to obtain quantitative determinations of compositional fluctuations on the nanoscale.


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* Corresponding author.


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Quantitative Chemical Mapping of InGaN Quantum Wells from Calibrated High-Angle Annular Dark Field Micrographs

  • Daniel Carvalho (a1) (a2), Francisco M. Morales (a1) (a2), Teresa Ben (a1) (a2), Rafael García (a1) (a2), Andrés Redondo-Cubero (a3) (a4), Eduardo Alves (a3), Katharina Lorenz (a3), Paul R. Edwards (a5), Kevin P. O’Donnell (a5) and Christian Wetzel (a6)...


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