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A Precise Method for Analysis of Elemental Distribution Inside Solute Clusters

  • Takumi Kitayama (a1), Masaya Kozuka (a2), Yasuhiro Aruga (a3) and Chikara Ichihara (a1)


A procedure to analyze the elemental concentration distribution inside solute clusters after detection of clusters from atom probe tomography data set was proposed. We developed a code which can directly illustrate an average concentration profile inside a cluster even in the case of including various sizes of ellipsoidal clusters. The profile can be with respect to absolute distance and includes errors in each data point. The reliability of the developed code was verified by analyzing an artificial cluster model which has inhomogeneous elemental distribution. It was found that the precise estimation of cluster centroids is important and that the preferable conditions for targeting clusters are a detection efficiency of over 20%, over 30 atoms in a cluster on average, and over 100 atoms for each concentration data point.


Corresponding author

*Author for correspondence: Takumi Kitayama, E-mail:


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