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Observation of Magnetic Multilayers by Electron Holography

  • T. Tanji (a1), S. Hasebe (a1), Y. Nakagami (a1), K. Yamamoto (a2) and M. Ichihashi (a3)...


Magnetic structures of Co/Cu multilayers in cross section are observed by two kinds of electron holography: a Fourier method and a phase-shifting method, which is introduced briefly. The Fourier method can easily reconstruct wave functions and is applied to many specimens, whereas the phase-shifting method requires longer time for processing, but has a higher spatial resolution that permits us to discuss fine structures. Magnetization vectors in Co layers aligning parallel and separating into two blocks with antiparallel alignment are observed. Magnetic blurring on the boundary between Co and Cu in the reconstructed phase images is larger than the estimated atomic roughness.


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Observation of Magnetic Multilayers by Electron Holography

  • T. Tanji (a1), S. Hasebe (a1), Y. Nakagami (a1), K. Yamamoto (a2) and M. Ichihashi (a3)...


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