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A New Silicon Drift Detector for High Spatial Resolution STEM-XEDS: Performance and Applications

  • Patrick J. Phillips (a1), Tadas Paulauskas (a1), Neil Rowlands (a2), Alan W. Nicholls (a3), Ke-Bin Low (a4), Santokh Bhadare (a2) and Robert F. Klie (a1)...


A newly designed, 100 mm2, silicon drift detector has been installed on an aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope equipped with an ultra-high resolution pole piece, without requiring column modifications. With its unique, windowless design, the detector’s active region is in close proximity to the sample, resulting in a dramatic increase in count rate, while demonstrating an increased sensitivity to low energy X-rays and a muted tilt dependence. Numerous examples of X-ray energy dispersive spectrometry are presented on relevant materials such as Al x Ga1−x N nanowires, perovskite oxides, and polycrystalline CdTe thin films, across both varying length scales and accelerating voltages.


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