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Low-Cost Nanomanipulator for In Situ Experiments in a SEM

  • Denise Nakabayashi (a1) (a2), Paulo C. Silva (a1), Juan C. González (a1), Varlei Rodrigues (a1) (a2) and Daniel Ugarte (a1) (a2)...


Here, we describe the development of an inexpensive and versatile manipulation system for in situ experiments in a field emission scanning electron microscope based on a parallel-guiding plate-spring mechanism and low cost materials. The system has been tested for a wide range of applications, such as collecting, moving, and positioning particles, fabricating atomic force microscopy tips based on carbon nanotubes, and characterizing individual nanobjects. The nanomanipulation results demonstrate that there are many opportunities for the use of physical manipulation in the bottom-up approach to fabrication of nanodevices.


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Low-Cost Nanomanipulator for In Situ Experiments in a SEM

  • Denise Nakabayashi (a1) (a2), Paulo C. Silva (a1), Juan C. González (a1), Varlei Rodrigues (a1) (a2) and Daniel Ugarte (a1) (a2)...


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