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Joining of TiAl Alloy Using Novel Ag–Cu Sputtered Coated Ti Brazing Filler

  • Sónia Simões (a1) (a2), Ana Soares (a1), Carlos José Tavares (a3) and Aníbal Guedes (a4)


The aim of this study is to evaluate the potential use of titanium foil coated with sputtered silver and copper films as a novel brazing filler for joining TiAl alloys. For this purpose, a detailed microstructural characterization of the resulting brazing interfaces was carried out. The development of brazing fillers that allow the joining of TiAl alloys without compromising the service temperature is a fruitful prospect. Brazing experiments were performed in a vacuum at 900, 950, and 980°C, with a dwell time of 30 min. Microstructural characterization reveals that brazing joints can be obtained successfully at 950 and 980°C. The interface consists of a large central region of α-Ti with an amount of Al and Ti–Ag compound and thin layers, mainly composed of intermetallic compounds, formed close to the base material. A novel brazing filler consisting of Ti foil coated with sputtered Ag and Cu films inhibits the extensive formation of soft (Ag) zones or coarse brittle Ti–Al–(Cu,Ni) particles. Hence, the need for post-brazing heat treatments for the joining of TiAl alloys was avoided.


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Joining of TiAl Alloy Using Novel Ag–Cu Sputtered Coated Ti Brazing Filler

  • Sónia Simões (a1) (a2), Ana Soares (a1), Carlos José Tavares (a3) and Aníbal Guedes (a4)


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