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Identification of Nanocrystalline Inclusions in Bismuth-Doped Silica Fibers and Preforms

  • Liudmila D. Iskhakova (a1), Filipp O. Milovich (a1) (a2), Valery M. Mashinsky (a1), Alexander S. Zlenko (a1), Sergey E. Borisovsky (a3) and Evgeny M. Dianov (a1)...


The nature of nanocrystalline inclusions and dopant distribution in bismuth-doped silicate fibers and preforms are studied by scanning and transmission electron microscopy, and energy and wavelength-dispersive X-ray microanalysis. The core compositions are Bi:SiO2, Bi:Al2O3–SiO2, Bi:GeO2–SiO2, Bi:Al2O3–GeO2–SiO2, and Bi:P2O5–Al2O3–GeO2–SiO2. Nanocrystals of metallic Bi, Bi2O3, SiO2, GeO2, and Bi4(GeO4)3 are observed in these glasses. These inclusions can be the reason for the background optical loss in bismuth-doped optical fibers. The bismuth concentration of 0.0048±0.0006 at% is directly measured in aluminosilicate optical fibers with effective laser generation (slope efficiency of 27% at room temperature).


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Identification of Nanocrystalline Inclusions in Bismuth-Doped Silica Fibers and Preforms

  • Liudmila D. Iskhakova (a1), Filipp O. Milovich (a1) (a2), Valery M. Mashinsky (a1), Alexander S. Zlenko (a1), Sergey E. Borisovsky (a3) and Evgeny M. Dianov (a1)...


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