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FIB-Etching of Polymer/Metal Laminates and its Effect on Mechanical Performance

  • Enne Faber (a1), Willem P. Vellinga (a1) and Jeff T.M. De Hosson (a1)


This paper investigates the adhesive interface in a polymer/metal (polyethylene terephthalate/steel) laminate that is subjected to uniaxial strain. Cross-sections perpendicular to such interfaces were created with a focused ion beam and imaged with scanning electron microscopy during straining in the electron microscope. During in situ straining, glide steps formed by the steel caused traction at the interface and initiated crazes in the polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These crazes readily propagated along the free surface of the PET layer. Similar crazing has not been previously encountered in laminates that were pre-strained or in numerical calculations. The impact of focused ion beam treatments on mechanical properties of the polymer/metal laminate system was therefore investigated. It was found that mechanical properties such as toughness of PET are dramatically influenced by focused ion beam etching. It was also found that this change in mechanical properties has a different effect on the pre-strained and in situ strained samples.


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* Corresponding author.


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FIB-Etching of Polymer/Metal Laminates and its Effect on Mechanical Performance

  • Enne Faber (a1), Willem P. Vellinga (a1) and Jeff T.M. De Hosson (a1)


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