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Exploring Photothermal Pathways via in Situ Laser Heating in the Transmission Electron Microscope: Recrystallization, Grain Growth, Phase Separation, and Dewetting in Ag0.5Ni0.5 Thin Films

  • Yueying Wu (a1), Chenze Liu (a2), Thomas M. Moore (a3), Gregory A. Magel (a3), David A. Garfinkel (a2), Jon P. Camden (a1), Michael G. Stanford (a2), Gerd Duscher (a2) and Philip D. Rack (a2) (a4)...


A new optical delivery system has been developed for the (scanning) transmission electron microscope. Here we describe the in situ and “rapid ex situ” photothermal heating modality of the system, which delivers >200 mW of optical power from a fiber-coupled laser diode to a 3.7 μm radius spot on the sample. Selected thermal pathways can be accessed via judicious choices of the laser power, pulse width, number of pulses, and radial position. The long optical working distance mitigates any charging artifacts and tremendous thermal stability is observed in both pulsed and continuous wave conditions, notably, no drift correction is applied in any experiment. To demonstrate the optical delivery system’s capability, we explore the recrystallization, grain growth, phase separation, and solid state dewetting of a Ag0.5Ni0.5 film. Finally, we demonstrate that the structural and chemical aspects of the resulting dewetted films was assessed.


Corresponding author

*Author for correspondence: Philip D. Rack, E-mail:


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Yueying Wu and Chenze Liu are co-first authors.

Cite this article:Wu Y, Liu C, Moore TM, Magel GA, Garfinkel DA, Camden JP, Stanford MG, Duscher G and Rack PD (2018) Exploring Photothermal Pathways via in Situ Laser Heating in the Transmission Electron Microscope: Recrystallization, Grain Growth, Phase Separation, and Dewetting in Ag0.5Ni0.5 Thin Films. Microsc Microanal24(6), 647–656. doi: 10.1017/S1431927618015465



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