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Exceeding Conventional Resolution Limits in High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Using Tilted Illumination and Exit-Wave Restoration

  • Sarah J. Haigh (a1), Hidetaka Sawada (a2), Kunio Takayanagi (a3) (a4) and Angus I. Kirkland (a1)


Tilted illumination exit-wave restoration is compared for two aberration-corrected instruments at different accelerating voltages. The experimental progress of this technique is also reviewed and the significance of off-axial aberrations examined. Finally, the importance of higher order aberration compensation combined with careful correction of the lower order aberrations is highlighted.


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Exceeding Conventional Resolution Limits in High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Using Tilted Illumination and Exit-Wave Restoration

  • Sarah J. Haigh (a1), Hidetaka Sawada (a2), Kunio Takayanagi (a3) (a4) and Angus I. Kirkland (a1)


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