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EMEN2: An Object Oriented Database and Electronic Lab Notebook

  • Ian Rees (a1), Ed Langley (a2), Wah Chiu (a1) (a2) and Steven J. Ludtke (a1) (a2)


Transmission electron microscopy and associated methods, such as single particle analysis, two-dimensional crystallography, helical reconstruction, and tomography, are highly data-intensive experimental sciences, which also have substantial variability in experimental technique. Object-oriented databases present an attractive alternative to traditional relational databases for situations where the experiments themselves are continually evolving. We present EMEN2, an easy to use object-oriented database with a highly flexible infrastructure originally targeted for transmission electron microscopy and tomography, which has been extended to be adaptable for use in virtually any experimental science. It is a pure object-oriented database designed for easy adoption in diverse laboratory environments and does not require professional database administration. It includes a full featured, dynamic web interface in addition to APIs for programmatic access. EMEN2 installations currently support roughly 800 scientists worldwide with over 1/2 million experimental records and over 20 TB of experimental data. The software is freely available with complete source.


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EMEN2: An Object Oriented Database and Electronic Lab Notebook

  • Ian Rees (a1), Ed Langley (a2), Wah Chiu (a1) (a2) and Steven J. Ludtke (a1) (a2)


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