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Effects of Pamidronate on Dental Enamel Formation Assessed by Light Microscopy, Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy, and Microhardness Testing

  • Ana P. Soares (a1), Renan F. do Espírito Santo (a2), Sérgio R. P. Line (a3), Maria das G. F. Pinto (a4), Pablo de M. Santos (a5), Maria Betania P. Toralles (a6) and Alexandre R. do Espírito Santo (a6)...


The aim of the present work was to investigate birefringence and morphology of the secretory-stage enamel organic extracellular matrix (EOECM), and structural and mechanical properties of mature enamel of upper incisors from adult rats that had been treated with pamidronate disodium (0.5 mg/kg/week for 56 days), using transmitted polarizing and bright-field light microscopies (TPLM and BFLM), energy-dispersive X-ray (EDX) analysis, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and microhardness testing. BFLM showed no morphological changes of the EOECM in pamidronate and control groups, but TPLM revealed a statistically significant reduction in optical retardation values of birefringence brightness of pamidronate-treated rats when compared with control animals (p<0.01). EDX analysis showed that pamidronate-induced statistically significant decrease in phosphorus’ quantity in outer mature enamel (p<0.01) and an increase in the calcium/phosphorus ratio in that structure (p<0.05). Pamidronate did not induce ultra-structural alterations in mature enamel as revealed by SEM and did not cause a reduction in its microhardness (p>0.05). The present study indicates that pamidronate can affect birefringence of the secretory-stage EOECM, which does not seem to be associated with significant changes in morphological and/or mechanical properties of mature enamel.


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* Corresponding author.


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Effects of Pamidronate on Dental Enamel Formation Assessed by Light Microscopy, Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy, and Microhardness Testing

  • Ana P. Soares (a1), Renan F. do Espírito Santo (a2), Sérgio R. P. Line (a3), Maria das G. F. Pinto (a4), Pablo de M. Santos (a5), Maria Betania P. Toralles (a6) and Alexandre R. do Espírito Santo (a6)...


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