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Detection of Single Atoms and Buried Defects in Three Dimensions by Aberration-Corrected Electron Microscope with 0.5-Å Information Limit

  • C. Kisielowski (a1), B. Freitag (a2), M. Bischoff (a2), H. van Lin (a2), S. Lazar (a2), G. Knippels (a2), P. Tiemeijer (a2), M. van der Stam (a2), S. von Harrach (a2), M. Stekelenburg (a2), M. Haider (a3), S. Uhlemann (a3), H. Müller (a3), P. Hartel (a3), B. Kabius (a4), D. Miller (a4), I. Petrov (a5), E.A. Olson (a5), T. Donchev (a5), E.A. Kenik (a6), A.R. Lupini (a6), J. Bentley (a6), S.J. Pennycook (a6), I.M. Anderson (a6), A.M. Minor (a1), A.K. Schmid (a1), T. Duden (a1), V. Radmilovic (a1), Q.M. Ramasse (a1), M. Watanabe (a1), R. Erni (a1), E.A. Stach (a1), P. Denes (a1) and U. Dahmen (a1)...


The ability of electron microscopes to analyze all the atoms in individual nanostructures is limited by lens aberrations. However, recent advances in aberration-correcting electron optics have led to greatly enhanced instrument performance and new techniques of electron microscopy. The development of an ultrastable electron microscope with aberration-correcting optics and a monochromated high-brightness source has significantly improved instrument resolution and contrast. In the present work, we report information transfer beyond 50 pm and show images of single gold atoms with a signal-to-noise ratio as large as 10. The instrument's new capabilities were exploited to detect a buried Σ3 {112} grain boundary and observe the dynamic arrangements of single atoms and atom pairs with sub-angstrom resolution. These results mark an important step toward meeting the challenge of determining the three-dimensional atomic-scale structure of nanomaterials.


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