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Correlating Atom Probe Crystallographic Measurements with Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction Data

  • Andrew J. Breen (a1) (a2), Katharina Babinsky (a3), Alec C. Day (a1) (a2), K. Eder (a1) (a2), Connor J. Oakman (a1) (a2), Patrick W. Trimby (a1), Sophie Primig (a4), Julie M. Cairney (a1) and Simon P. Ringer (a1) (a2) (a5)...


Correlative microscopy approaches offer synergistic solutions to many research problems. One such combination, that has been studied in limited detail, is the use of atom probe tomography (APT) and transmission Kikuchi diffraction (TKD) on the same tip specimen. By combining these two powerful microscopy techniques, the microstructure of important engineering alloys can be studied in greater detail. For the first time, the accuracy of crystallographic measurements made using APT will be independently verified using TKD. Experimental data from two atom probe tips, one a nanocrystalline Al–0.5Ag alloy specimen collected on a straight flight-path atom probe and the other a high purity Mo specimen collected on a reflectron-fitted instrument, will be compared. We find that the average minimum misorientation angle, calculated from calibrated atom probe reconstructions with two different pole combinations, deviate 0.7° and 1.4°, respectively, from the TKD results. The type of atom probe and experimental conditions appear to have some impact on this accuracy and the reconstruction and measurement procedures are likely to contribute further to degradation in angular resolution. The challenges and implications of this correlative approach will also be discussed.


Corresponding author


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Correlating Atom Probe Crystallographic Measurements with Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction Data

  • Andrew J. Breen (a1) (a2), Katharina Babinsky (a3), Alec C. Day (a1) (a2), K. Eder (a1) (a2), Connor J. Oakman (a1) (a2), Patrick W. Trimby (a1), Sophie Primig (a4), Julie M. Cairney (a1) and Simon P. Ringer (a1) (a2) (a5)...


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