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Confidence Bounds for the Estimation of the Volume Phase Fraction from a Single Image in a Nickel Base Superalloy

  • Rémi Blanc (a1), Pierre Baylou (a2), Christian Germain (a2) and Jean-Pierre Da Costa (a2)


We propose an image-based framework to evaluate the uncertainty in the estimation of the volume fraction of specific microstructures based on the observation of a single section. These microstructures consist of cubes organized on a cubic mesh, such as monocrystalline nickel base superalloys. The framework is twofold: a model-based stereological analysis allows relating two-dimensional image observations to three-dimensional microstructure features, and a spatial statistical analysis allows computing approximate confidence bounds while assessing the representativeness of the image. The reliability of the method is assessed on synthetic models. Volume fraction estimation variances and approximate confidence intervals are computed on real superalloy images in the context of material characterization.


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Confidence Bounds for the Estimation of the Volume Phase Fraction from a Single Image in a Nickel Base Superalloy

  • Rémi Blanc (a1), Pierre Baylou (a2), Christian Germain (a2) and Jean-Pierre Da Costa (a2)


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