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Chemical Vapor Deposition of Porous GaN Particles on Silicon

  • Joan J. Carvajal (a1) (a2), Oleksandr V. Bilousov (a1), Dominique Drouin (a2), Magdalena Aguiló (a1), Francesc Díaz (a1) and J. Carlos Rojo (a3)...


We present a technique for the direct deposition of nanoporous GaN particles on Si substrates without requiring any post-growth treatment. The internal morphology of the nanoporous GaN particles deposited on Si substrates by using a simple chemical vapor deposition approach was investigated, and straight nanopores with diameters ranging between 50 and 100 nm were observed. Cathodoluminescence characterization revealed a sharp and well-defined near band-edge emission at ∼365 nm. This approach simplifies other methods used for this purpose, such as etching and corrosion techniques that can damage the semiconductor structure and modify its properties.


Corresponding author

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Currently at GE Global Research, Niskayuna, NY 12309, USA



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Chemical Vapor Deposition of Porous GaN Particles on Silicon

  • Joan J. Carvajal (a1) (a2), Oleksandr V. Bilousov (a1), Dominique Drouin (a2), Magdalena Aguiló (a1), Francesc Díaz (a1) and J. Carlos Rojo (a3)...


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