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Assessing the Spatial Accuracy of the Reconstruction in Atom Probe Tomography and a New Calibratable Adaptive Reconstruction

  • Anna V. Ceguerra (a1), Alec C. Day (a1) and Simon P. Ringer (a1)


We define a measure for the accuracy of tomographic reconstruction in atom probe tomography, named here the spatial error index. We demonstrate that this index can be used to compare rigorously the spatial accuracy of various different approaches to the calculation of tomographic reconstruction. This is useful, for example, to evaluate the performance of alternate tomographic reconstruction approaches, and ensures that the comparisons are independent of individual data quality or other instrumental parameters. We then introduce a new “adaptive reconstruction” formalism that uses a progression of reconstruction parameters based on a per-atom correction from the cube root of the inverse of the voltage, along with linear correction factors linked to the evaporation sequence. We apply the measure for spatial accuracy to this new reconstruction protocol.


Corresponding author

*Author for correspondence: Anna V. Ceguerra, E-mail:


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