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The agroclimatic analysis at farm scale

  • Simone Orlandini (a1), Anna Dalla Marta (a1) and Marco Mancini (a1)


Research was performed in Poggio Casciano Estate (Chianti area, central Italy) with the aim of defining a general approach to analyse the spatial variability of temperature at the microscale. Hourly data were collected from a network of 27 temperature stations covering an area of about 120 ha and determination coefficients r between station pairs on the basis of different geo-topographical factors were calculated. The data were analysed in order to investigate trends describing the spatial distribution of temperature inside the study area. The results pointed out a strong effect of some topographical condition on the distribution of thermal patterns, in particular altitude and the distance from valley bottoms. The results are discussed in order to formulate a general approach for the characterisation of climatic conditions at small scale.



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The agroclimatic analysis at farm scale

  • Simone Orlandini (a1), Anna Dalla Marta (a1) and Marco Mancini (a1)


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