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Numerical simulation of the growth of the γ’-iron nitride in NH3-H2-N2 gas mixture (570°C and 1 atm) (Part II)

  • M. Rida (a1) and H. Tout (a2)


The aim of this study is the control of the growth of the γ’-iron nitride layer during gas nitriding. We simultaneously simulated both the gaseous and solid phases as well as the development of the γ’-iron nitride layer on the α-iron nitride layer. The theoretical atomic nitrogen flux at constant superficial concentration was used as the boundary limit at the sample’s surface. Only using the input data, we obtained, as a function of the time, the atomic nitrogen profiles in the sample and the evolution of the γ’-iron nitride layer thickness. The numerical results favorably compare with the experimental ones.



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Numerical simulation of the growth of the γ’-iron nitride in NH3-H2-N2 gas mixture (570°C and 1 atm) (Part II)

  • M. Rida (a1) and H. Tout (a2)


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