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Determination of residual stresses in a zirconia layer by X-ray diffraction and by a micromechanical approach: thermoelastic anisotropy effect

  • J-L. Béchade, R. Brenner, P. Goudeau and M. Gailhanou


The determination of residual stresses and the analysis of phases in zirconia layers obtained after oxidation of Zy-4 and Zr-1%Nb-O sheets have been performed using X-ray diffraction with synchrotron radiation at 20 and 400°C. These experimental analyses have been compared with calculations using a micromechanical approach (thermoelastic behaviour) and also with a macroscopic approximation of the thermal stress due to cooling. The main result is the small influence of cooling on the residual stresses developing in the zirconia layer, especially for Zr-1%Nb-O.



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