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  • K.B. Bolte


A revision of 62 taxa of Eupithecia of Canada has been carried out. A generalized description of key characters for the identification of the Geometridae and the Eupithecia in adult, larval and pupal stages is given. Included is a key for the Eupithecia adults.A description is given of each species, supplemented by scanning electron microscope photographs of the terminal segment of the pupa and the head and antenna of the adult, with line drawings of male and female genitalia, colour photographs of the adults, and distribution maps. Special emphasis is given to descriptions of the antenna and its cuticle, to the everted vesica of the male genitalia, and to the pupa.Life histories are given for 45 of the taxa. In some cases specimens of Palaearctic and Nearctic species were examined together for the first time and as a result, changes in the taxonomy are made. Altogether, 27 taxonomic changes are made, eight new groups proposed, one group split into two, and two new species described.The species have been loosely rearranged according to the shape of the males eighth sternite.



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