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  • Yann Bugeaud (a1) and Jan-Hendrik Evertse (a2)


Let $S=\{q_{1},\ldots ,q_{s}\}$ be a finite, non-empty set of distinct prime numbers. For a non-zero integer $m$ , write $m=q_{1}^{r_{1}}\cdots q_{s}^{r_{s}}M$ , where $r_{1},\ldots ,r_{s}$ are non-negative integers and $M$ is an integer relatively prime to $q_{1}\cdots q_{s}$ . We define the $S$ -part $[m]_{S}$ of $m$ by $[m]_{S}:=q_{1}^{r_{1}}\cdots q_{s}^{r_{s}}$ . Let $(u_{n})_{n\geqslant 0}$ be a linear recurrence sequence of integers. Under certain necessary conditions, we establish that for every $\unicode[STIX]{x1D700}>0$ , there exists an integer $n_{0}$ such that $[u_{n}]_{S}\leqslant |u_{n}|^{\unicode[STIX]{x1D700}}$ holds for $n>n_{0}$ . Our proof is ineffective in the sense that it does not give an explicit value for $n_{0}$ . Under various assumptions on $(u_{n})_{n\geqslant 0}$ , we also give effective, but weaker, upper bounds for $[u_{n}]_{S}$ of the form $|u_{n}|^{1-c}$ , where $c$ is positive and depends only on $(u_{n})_{n\geqslant 0}$ and $S$ .



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