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HB-subspaces and Godun sets of subspaces in Banach spaces

  • Eve Oja (a1)


Let X be a Banach space and Y its closed subspace having property U in X. We use a net (Aα) of continuous linear operators on X such that ‖ Aα ‖ ≤ 1, Aα (X) ⊂ Y for all α, and limαg(Aαy) = g(y), yY, gY* to obtain equivalent conditions for Y to be an HB-subspace, u-ideal or h-ideal of X. Some equivalent renormings of c0 and l2 are shown to provide examples of spaces X for which K(X) has property U in L(X) without being an HB-subspace. Considering a generalization of the Godun set [3], we establish some relations between Godun sets of Banach spaces and related operator spaces. This enables us to prove e.g., that if K(X) is an HB-subspace of L(X), then X is an HB-subspace of X**—the result conjectured to be true by Å. Lima [9].



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HB-subspaces and Godun sets of subspaces in Banach spaces

  • Eve Oja (a1)


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