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Book Reviews - H. Abelson and A. diSessa. Turtle Geometry. MIT Press. 1986, 477 pp., £10·95. - M. Altman. A Unified Theory of Nonlinear Operator and Evolution Equations with Applications. Marcel Dekker. 1986, 292 pp., $83.50. - R. C. Baker. Diophantine Inequalities. London Math. Soc. Monographs, New Series, No. 1. Oxford University Press. 1986, 275 pp., £32. - T. S. Blyth and E. F. Robertson. Essential Student Algebra. 1 Sets and Mappings, 2 Matrices and Vector Spaces, 3 Abstract Algebra, 4 Linear Algebra, 5 Groups. Chapman and Hall. 1986, 120 pp each, £3·95 each. - J. H. Carruth, J. A. Hildebrant and R. J. Koch. The Theory of Topological Semigroups, Vol. 2. Marcel Dekker. 1986, 195pp., $59·29. - D. Eisenbud and W. Neumann. Three Dimensional Link Theory and Invariants of Plane Curve Singularities. Annals of Math. Studies no. 110. Princeton University Press. 1985, 172pp., £28·30, paperback £10·30. - C. F. Gardiner. Algebraic Structures. Ellis Horwood. 1986, 280pp., paperback £14·50. - P. R. Halmos. I Want to be a Mathematician. Springer. 1985, 421pp., DM 134. - R. Hill. A First Course in Coding Theory. Oxford University Press. 1986, 251pp, £25, paperback £12·50. - R. Maude. Mathematical Analysis. Edward Arnold. 1986, 224pp., £11·75. - S. G. Mikhlin. Constants in Some Inequalities of Analysis. J. Wiley & Sons.1986, 108pp., £13·75. - K. W. Morton and M. J. Baines, Editors. Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics II. Oxford University Press. 1986, 679pp., £60. - G. Saccheri. Euclides Vindicatus, 2nd English Edition. Chelsea. 1986, 255pp., $16·95. - V. M. Tikhomirov. Fundamental Principles of the Theory of Extremal Problems. J. Wiley & Sons.1986, 136pp., £13.95. - B. L. van der Waerden. A History of Algebra. Springer. 1985, 271pp., DM98. - P. L. Walker. The Theory of Fourier Series and Integrals. Wiley-Interscience. 1986, 192pp., £14·95.


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