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Optimised assignment of airport gate configurations using an immune genetic algorithm

  • LI WANG (a1), QI-LIN ZHU (a1) and XIAO-FANG XU (a1)


The function of airport gate assignment is to assign appropriate gates for arrival and departure flights and to ensure the flights are on schedule. A key task of airport ground operations is assigning the airport gate with high efficiency and a reasonable arrangement. In this paper we establish an optimised model based on the characteristics of both the flights (the flight type, flight down time and the number of passengers) and the airport gates (the ease of access of the airport gate). We give a representation of the solution space and a direct graph model of the airport gate configuration based on dynamic scheduling parallel machines. We design a method for solving the airport gate configuration based on an immune genetic algorithm. The simulation results show the effectiveness of this model and algorithm.



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The work for this paper was supported by the Civil Aviation University of China fund ‘based on infrared image processing for TCAS system depth testing system maintenance’ (item number 2010kyE07) and by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (60472130).



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