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Osculating hyperplanes and a quartic combinant of the nonsingular model of the Kummer and Weddle surfaces

  • R. H. Dye (a1)


The nonsingular model of Kummer's surface, or its birational equivalent the Weddle surface, is an octavic surface F in [5], projective space of dimension 5 (11), ((10), p. 53), ((1), pp. 218, 219). F is the base variety of a net N of quadrics with a common self-polar simplex S, and has on it 32 lines. These form a single orbit under the group G, of order 32, consisting of the harmonic homologies fixing S.



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Osculating hyperplanes and a quartic combinant of the nonsingular model of the Kummer and Weddle surfaces

  • R. H. Dye (a1)


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