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Locally linear actions on 3-manifolds

  • SŁawomir Kwasik (a1) and Kyung Bai Lee (a1)


Let a finite group G act topologically on a closed smooth manifold Mn. One of the most natural and basic questions is whether such an action can be smoothed. More precisely, let γ:G × MnMn be a topological action of G on Mn. The action γ can be smoothed if there exists a smooth action and an equivariant homeomorphism It is well known that for n ≤ 2 every finite topological group action on Mn is smoothable. However already for n = 3 there are examples of topological actions on 3-manifolds which cannot be smoothed (see [1, 2] and references there). All these actions fail to be smoothable because of bad local behaviour.



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Locally linear actions on 3-manifolds

  • SŁawomir Kwasik (a1) and Kyung Bai Lee (a1)


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