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A lifting result for local cohomology of graded modules

  • M. Brodmann


In this paper we prove a lifting result for local cohomology. As a special case we get the following result for the Serre-cohomology over a projective variety:

Proposition (1·1). Let ℱ be a coherent sheaf over X, where X is a projective variety over an algebraically closed field k. Let i ≽ 0 and assume that there is a pencil P of hyper-plane sections which is in general position with respect to ℱ (which means that x ∉ H, ∀x ∈ Ass(ℱ), ∀H∈p), and such that for each H ∈ P Hi(X, ℱ│H(n)) = 0, ∀n ≪ 0. Then Hi + 1(X, ℱ) = 0, ∀n ≪ 0.



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A lifting result for local cohomology of graded modules

  • M. Brodmann


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