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Countable partitions of Euclidean space

  • James H. Schmerl (a1)


Erdös has asked whether the plane ℝ2, or more generally n-dimensional Euclidean space ℝn, can be partitioned into countably many sets none of which contains the vertices of an isosceles triangle. Assuming the Continuum Hypothesis (CH), Davies[2] (for n = 2) and Kunen[10] (for arbitrary n) proved that such partitions exist. Assuming Martin's Axiom, Erdös and Komjáth proved in [5] that such partitions exist for n = 2. We will prove here, without additional set-theoretic hypotheses, that there are such partitions in all dimensions.

Let ‖x‖ denote the usual Euclidean norm of a point x ∈ ℝn, so that ‖xy‖ is the distance between x and y.



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Countable partitions of Euclidean space

  • James H. Schmerl (a1)


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