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Patient Specific Haemodynamic Modeling after Occlusion Treatment in Leg

  • T. Gamilov (a1), Yu. Ivanov (a2), P. Kopylov (a3), S. Simakov (a1) and Yu. Vassilevski (a1) (a2)...


In this work we propose a method for analysis of postsurgical haemodynamics after femoral artery treatment of occlusive vascular disease. Patient specific reconstruction algorithm of 1D core network based on MRI data is proposed as a tool for such analysis. Along with presurgical ultrasound data fitting it provides effective personalizing predictive method that is validated with clinical observations.


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Patient Specific Haemodynamic Modeling after Occlusion Treatment in Leg

  • T. Gamilov (a1), Yu. Ivanov (a2), P. Kopylov (a3), S. Simakov (a1) and Yu. Vassilevski (a1) (a2)...


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