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The Effect of Graph Structure on Epidemic Spread in a Class of Modified Cycle Graphs

  • A. Szabó-Solticzky and P.L. Simon


In this paper, an SIS (susceptible-infected-susceptible)-type epidemic propagation is studied on a special class of 3-regular graphs, called modified cycle graphs. The modified cycle graph is constructed from a cycle graph with N nodes by connecting node i to the node i + d in a way that every node has exactly three links. Monte-Carlo simulations show that the propagation process depends on the value of d in a non-monotone way. A new theoretical model is developed to explain this phenomenon. This reveals a new relation between the spreading process and the average path length in the graph.


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The Effect of Graph Structure on Epidemic Spread in a Class of Modified Cycle Graphs

  • A. Szabó-Solticzky and P.L. Simon


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