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Concerning a sequence of Gaussian Integrals

  • H. C. Rae (a1)


In this article we usually omit limits since, in all the cases which we consider, the integration variables are in the interval (-∞, ∞).

Few mathematics students in their first year at university would be likely to list linear algebra as part of their tool box for solving problems in the calculus class. Asked to show that

the majority, at this stage of their careers, would probably not realise that techniques which they had recently learned in linear algebra had any bearing on the problem. The computer experts in their midst might even argue that there was little merit in learning how to perform such calculations since high speed computers had eliminated the need to develop the technical skills which only a few years ago would have been regarded as essential for anyone aspiring to become a mathematician.


Concerning a sequence of Gaussian Integrals

  • H. C. Rae (a1)


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