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Archimedean, Logarithmic and Euler spirals − intriguing and ubiquitous patterns in nature

  • Danilo R. Diedrichs (a1)


Spirals are among the most intriguing of geometrical patterns, frequently encountered in the world around us at all scales, from the cosmic spiral arms of galaxies to the microscopic structure of the DNA molecule. For centuries, humans have studied these patterns, classifying them, giving them different names, and describing them mathematically. The most common definition of a two-dimensional spiral is a curve on the plane traced by a point that winds around a certain fixed point (called the spiral's pole), while monotonically approaching or receding from it, depending on the direction of motion.



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Archimedean, Logarithmic and Euler spirals − intriguing and ubiquitous patterns in nature

  • Danilo R. Diedrichs (a1)


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