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Surface Morphology and Structure of GaNxAs1−x

  • J.V. Thordson (a1), O. Zsebök (a1), U. Södervall (a1) and T.G. Andersson (a1)


GaNxAs1−x-layers were grown by solid source molecular beam epitaxy using N2 and excitation by RF-plasma source. The average nitrogen concentration, x, determined by secondary ion mass spectrometry, ranges from isovalent nitrogen doping in GaAs up to GaN. X-ray diffraction revealed two peaks, close to the ones for GaAs(002) and the GaN(002) diffraction, respectively. The position of both peaks moved slightly as a function of nitrogen content. Scanning electron microscopy indicated a rough surface structure with improved smoothing for low and high nitrogen compositions. The rough surface is partly due to crystallite formation when mixing arsenic and nitrogen as a result of phase separation between the GaAs and GaN. In ternary films with very high nitrogen composition there were structural features with a different contrast. These were crystallites that arose at the interface and grew up to the surface.



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Surface Morphology and Structure of GaNxAs1−x

  • J.V. Thordson (a1), O. Zsebök (a1), U. Södervall (a1) and T.G. Andersson (a1)


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