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Optical Detection of Electron Nuclear Double Resonance on the Residual Donor in GaN

  • F. K. Koschnick (a1), K. Michael (a1), J.-M. Spaeth (a1), B. Beaumont (a2) and Pierre Gibart (a2)...


Optically detected electron nuclear double resonance (ODENDOR) was measured in the 2.2 eV ‘yellow’ luminescence band associated with the residual donor in n-type undoped GaN. The ODENDOR lines are due to gallium and show a quadrupole splitting which can be described with an axial tensor. The quadrupole parameter was estimated to be q(69Ga) = 1/2 Qzz = 0.22 MHz. A hyperfine interaction for 69Ga of about 0.3 MHz for the isotropic and of about 0.15 MHz for the anisotropic part was estimated from the width of the ODENDOR lines. It is tentatively suggested that a Ga interstitial is the residual donor.



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