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Two alien venerid bivalves from the Eastern Mediterranean

  • J.J. van Aartsen (a1), B. Galil (a2) and C. Bogi (a3)


We report the first record in the Mediterranean Sea of the minute Indo-Pacific venerid bivalve Costellipitar chordatum. The species has recently established a small population off the central coast of Israel. Numerous live specimens of Gouldiopa consternans, at several locations off the Israeli coast, confirm the presence of a fast growing population. This is the first record of the species from Israel, following a recent report from Turkey.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: B. Galil, National institute of Oceanography, Israel Oceanography & Limnological Research, P.O. Box 8030, Haifa 31080, Israel email:


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Two alien venerid bivalves from the Eastern Mediterranean

  • J.J. van Aartsen (a1), B. Galil (a2) and C. Bogi (a3)


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