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The Spanish hogfish Bodianus rufus (Labridae) acting as cleaner of nocturnal fish in the north-east of Brazil

  • E.O.C. Coni (a1), J.A.C.C. Nunes (a2), C.M. Ferreira (a1), R. Maia-Nogueira (a3) (a4), D.V. Medeiros (a3) (a4) and C.L.S. Sampaio (a5)...


This work reports Bodianus rufus (Labridae) cleaning three clients with nocturnal habits, Rypticus saponaceus (Serranidae), Myripristis jacobus (Holocentridae) and Odontoscion dentex (Sciaenidae) during the day. Our data reinforces the hypothesis that the proximity of temporary cleaning stations to nocturnal fish shelters reduces the exposure of clients to potential predators.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: E.O.C. Coni, Programa de Pós-Graduação Ecologia e Conservação da Biodiversidade, Universidade Estadual da Paraíba Instituto de Gestão, Estudos e Monitoramento Ambiental (IGEMA) email:


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The Spanish hogfish Bodianus rufus (Labridae) acting as cleaner of nocturnal fish in the north-east of Brazil

  • E.O.C. Coni (a1), J.A.C.C. Nunes (a2), C.M. Ferreira (a1), R. Maia-Nogueira (a3) (a4), D.V. Medeiros (a3) (a4) and C.L.S. Sampaio (a5)...


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