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New record of the scalloped ribbon fish, Zu cristatus (Osteichthyes: Trachipteridae) in Tunisian waters (central Mediterranean)

  • M.N. Bradai (a1) and Ali El Ouaer (a1)


The scalloped ribbon fish Zu cristatus is a rarely recorded mesopelagic fish species. In this note we confirm its occurrence in the Tunisian waters of the southern Mediterranean. The capture of young Z. cristatus in Tunisia in October and December is in agreement with the proposed seasonal life cycle of the species in the Mediterranean Sea.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: M.N. Bradai, Laboratoire Biodiversité et Biotechnologie Marines de, l'Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer, B.P. 1035 Sfax 3018 Sfax, Tunisie emails:


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New record of the scalloped ribbon fish, Zu cristatus (Osteichthyes: Trachipteridae) in Tunisian waters (central Mediterranean)

  • M.N. Bradai (a1) and Ali El Ouaer (a1)


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