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First records of the alpheid shrimp genus Parabetaeus (Crustacea, Decapoda) in the eastern Atlantic and western Caribbean Sea

  • Arthur Anker (a1)


The Atlantic species of the alpheid shrimp genus Parabetaeus, P. hummelincki, is reported for the first time from São Tomé in the Gulf of Guinea, and Cozumel off Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. These records extend the distribution range of P. hummelincki into the tropical eastern Atlantic and western Caribbean Sea, making this species amphi-Atlantic and the genus Parabetaeus fully pantropical.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: A. Anker, Instituto de Ciências do Mar (Labomar), Universidade Federal do Ceará, Fortaleza, CE, Brasil email:


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First records of the alpheid shrimp genus Parabetaeus (Crustacea, Decapoda) in the eastern Atlantic and western Caribbean Sea

  • Arthur Anker (a1)


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