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First record of the slender ponyfish Equuilites elongatus from the Arabian Sea coast of Oman

  • N. Jayabalan (a1), Shama Zaki (a1) and Lubna Al-Kharusi (a1)


Six specimens of the slender ponyfish Equuilites elongatus were collected from a bottom trawl net operated by the RV ‘Al-Mustaqila 1’ on the Arabian Sea coast of Oman during August and September 2008. This report indicates the extension to the distribution-range of the species to the north-western Indian Ocean region.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: N. Jayabalan, Marine Science and Fisheries Centre, Ministry of Fisheries Wealth, PO Box 427, PC 100, Muscat, Oman email:


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First record of the slender ponyfish Equuilites elongatus from the Arabian Sea coast of Oman

  • N. Jayabalan (a1), Shama Zaki (a1) and Lubna Al-Kharusi (a1)


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