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A standardized morphological terminology and descriptive scheme for Lepraria (Stereocaulaceae)

  • James C. LENDEMER (a1)


A standardized morphological terminology and descriptive scheme for the sterile asexually reproducing genus Lepraria s. lat. is presented. The contribution includes observations on development and ontogeny of morphological structures and is extensively illustrated with scanning electron and light micrographs. Lepraria has long been considered to be devoid of morphological characters, however the results of extensive micro- and macro-morphological studies strongly refute this hypothesis. The morphological structures of the thallus are defined and described based on their varying degrees of complexity. Thalline morphological variability in the group is categorized into two major types that are further subdivided into six subtypes. Each subtype is described and an artifical key to the subtypes is provided.



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A standardized morphological terminology and descriptive scheme for Lepraria (Stereocaulaceae)

  • James C. LENDEMER (a1)


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