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Pertusaria yunnana, a new species from south-west China

  • Zun Tian ZHAO (a1), Xin ZHAO (a1), Wei GAO (a1), Guo Li ZHOU (a1) and Lu Lu ZHANG (a1) (a2)...


Pertusaria yunnana G. L. Zhou & Lu L. Zhang from south-western China is described as new to science. This corticolous species is characterized by the white pruinose disciform apothecia, asci with 8 ascospores, and the presence of atranorin in addition to fumarprotocetraric acid. Related lichen taxa are discussed and a key to 21 corticolous species of Pertusaria with disciform apothecia and 8-spored asci is also provided.



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Pertusaria yunnana, a new species from south-west China

  • Zun Tian ZHAO (a1), Xin ZHAO (a1), Wei GAO (a1), Guo Li ZHOU (a1) and Lu Lu ZHANG (a1) (a2)...


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