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A new isidiate species of Hemithecium Trevis. (Ascomycota, Graphidaceae) from India

  • Dalip K. UPRETI (a1), Urvashi DUBEY (a1) and Sanjeeva NAYAKA (a1)


Hemithecium isidiatum from the Eastern Himalayas is described as new to science. It is the first isidiate species in the genus Hemithecium and is otherwise characterized by hyaline muriform ascospores and the presence of salazinic acid.



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A new isidiate species of Hemithecium Trevis. (Ascomycota, Graphidaceae) from India

  • Dalip K. UPRETI (a1), Urvashi DUBEY (a1) and Sanjeeva NAYAKA (a1)


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