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Hypogymnia in the Himalayas of India and Nepal

  • B. McCUNE (a1), P. K. DIVAKAR (a2) and D. K. UPRETI (a3)


Morphological and chemical studies of Hypogymnia from the Himalayas revealed one new species, three species new to the region, and a previously unrecognized synonym. Hypogymnia crystallina, distinguished by its rimmed holes in the lobe axils, a pruinose disc, POL+ epihymenium, and distinctive chemistry (zeorin, hypoprotocetraric acid, usnic acid and atranorin) is described as new. Hypogymnia pseudohypotrypa (Asah.) A. Singh is synonymized with H. thomsoniana and a second location is reported for the recently described H. sikkimensis. Hypogymnia bitteri, H. mundata, and H. subarticulata are reported as new to India. A total of 17 species of the genus Hypogymnia are accepted for the Himalayan region of India and Nepal, with one additional species from southern India. A key is given to the species known from this region.



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Hypogymnia in the Himalayas of India and Nepal

  • B. McCUNE (a1), P. K. DIVAKAR (a2) and D. K. UPRETI (a3)


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