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The genus Immersaria (Lecideaceae) in Iran, including I. iranica sp. nov.

  • Tahereh VALADBEIGI (a1), Harrie J. M. SIPMAN (a2) and Gerhard RAMBOLD (a3)


The species of the genus Immersaria in Iran are reviewed. Immersaria iranica is described as a new species in the Lecideaceae, characterized by pycnoconidia opening by stellate, winding cracks and 2′-O-methylsuperphyllinic acid as major secondary metabolite. The characters separating it from other taxa of the Lecideaceae are discussed. Immersaria athroocarpa and I. cupreoatra are new records for Iran. An identification key and a table with diagnostic characters of the species hitherto known from Iran are provided.



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